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Bulgaria map
Vitosha, Plana, Lozenska, Lyulin Balkan mountains (Stara planina) Rila Pirin and Slavyanka The Rhodopes Mountains on the borders with North Macedonia and Greece

Vitosha, Plana, Lozenska, Lyulin

These are the closest mountains to Sofia. All of them are accessible with public transport from the city. Vitosha is the highest of all - Black peak (Cherni vrah, 2290m). The other mountains are 1200-1300m high.

Balkan mountains (Stara planina)

The Balkan mountains are the longest mountain chain in Bulgaria. On the main ridge goes the E3 route - 600-650km of a single marked trail.


The highest mountain in Bulgaria and on the Balkans - Musala peak is 2925m high.

Pirin and Slavyanka

Pirin is the second highest mountain in Bulgaria (Vihren peak - 2914m) but it's steep and rugged. Slavyanka is considered a separate mountain, but it's a natural continuation of Pirin and also the end of the E4 route.

The Rhodopes

Beautiful Western Rhodopes

The Rhodopes are the broadest mountains in Bulgaria. The Western part is higher and its characteristic feature are the almost endless pine forests. The Eastern Rhodopes are lower in altitude and the climate is much warmer there. There are many geological phenomenons related to the volcanic origin of most of the mountain.

Mountains on the borders with North Macedonia and Greece

Not very popular with trail runners, but these mountains can offer fantastic routes. Belasitsa and Osogovo are higher than 2000m and the views to Rila, Pirin and Vitosha are worth to see!