My name is Kaloyan Peychev ‘Kofe’. I was born in 1983 and I grew up in Bulgaria.

I began roaming the mountains at the age of 18. Since then I have been rock climbing and alpine climbing, ski touring and extreme skiing a lot. I have always wanted to find where my body and mind limits are, and do they exist at all. In the last few years my passion challenged me with the ultramarathon trail running.

In Bulgaria there are quite a lot of mountains and in 2018 I was the first one (and the only for now) to run the three longest mountain trails in the country in less than one month – a total of 1265km, 46000m D+, 49000m D- in 26 days. The most impressive thing about that was that I was alone in very tough weather conditions – no support team or organised checkpoints (excluding some volunteers who surprised me several times).

In 2019 I raised the bar and set more speed records. The very technical high-mountain route E4 (240km, 13500m D+) in 51h08min – this time fully supported (see the movie below); Fastest Known Time between the two highest peaks in Bulgaria – Musala (2925m) and Vihren (2914m) – 78km, 5300m D+ in 15h29min42sec; Vitosha 24 hour challenge – six and a half climbs (exactly 20km each, 1500m D+ and D-) of the highest peak in the mountain in 24 hours (a total of 128km and 9850m D+).

I have been an active mountain guide since 2011 – mainly ski touring and hiking. Since 2017 I have the idea for Guided trail running, because I think this activity is a great way of exploring new mountains and regions. With this website I hope that I can provide helpful information to trail runners from all over the world who come to see Bulgaria.

I offer my mountain guiding services for a complete experience. But I also maintain the Self-guided section because I believe that sharing my experience should be very helpful for the ones that want to go on their own. I will try to upload as much information as possible according to the time I have. 

If you like the project you can contribute for its development by donating a small amount of money. Time is precious for all of us and good things require a lot of time. Thank you!

The movie about the E4 speed record in 2019!

You can follow my runs in STRAVA if you like. Just click the link below 🙂

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