A 6-days itinerary with 4 days trail running, combining the most scenic places in Rila and Vitosha mountains. Including one day of cultural exploration of the UNESCO protected Rila monastery area and Sofia city tour. Around 100 km of trail running amongst the most beautiful areas of Vitosha and Rila mountains, close to the capital city Sofia and with short transfers each day.


With more than 4000m D+ and around 5000m D- this tour is suitable for beginners, but it is more appropriate for advanced runners. However, this is not a competition and the accent of the tour is exploration of new places and enjoyment of the beauties of nature, while the safety of all participants will be observed at all times! The tour is prepared in such a way so in case of bad weather the days can be rearranged and we can get the most of our time in the mountains. 

When to do it?

The best recommended time of the year is between mid June and mid October.

Sunrise over the Seven Rila Lakes, early July morning


Accommodation: 2 nights in guest houses, 2 nights in hotel in Sofia, 1 night in a hotel in Blagoevgrad

Difficulty: intermediate, could be suitable for stronger hikers with some running experience.


4 people 720eur/person
5 people 640eur/person
6 people 590eur/person
7 people 550eur/person
8 people 510eur/person

Price includes:

  • All nights w/ breakfasts and dinners
  • All transfers during the trip (airport to airport) 
  • Lunch packs, energy bars and/or sandwiches during the days
  • Mountain insurance for the time of the trip
  • Licensed mountain guide

Price DOES NOT include:

  • Transport to Bulgaria – flight, bus, train etc.
  • Drinks during the trip
  • Any equipment for trail running


1Arrival in SofiaAirport to hotelHotel in Sofia
2VitoshaSofia – Aleko hut 40min; Aleko – Govedartsi: 1:45hThe high Vitosha loop – ~25km; ~1200m D+; ~5-6hGuest house in Govedartsi
3RilaZekiritsa peak loop – ~25km; ~700m D+; ~4-5hGuest house in Govedartsi
4RilaGoverdartsi – Pionerska, 1h
Pionerska – Blagoevgrad, 1h
The Seven Rila Lakes and Skakavitsa waterfall – ~22km; ~1500m D+; 5-6hHotel in Blagoevgrad
5RilaBlagoevgrad – Rila monastery 45min; Rila monastery – Sofia 1:30hRila monastery and the valley of Rilska river – ~15km; 500m D+; 3hHotel in Sofia
6DepartureHotel – Airport
Sofia city tour

Rila monastery – UNESCO heritage and one of the most important cultural sites of Bulgaria

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